Village Harvest helps people share their fruit to reduce hunger, prevent food waste, and make a difference for their community and our planet.

Most volunteers contribute to our fun and satisfying community fruit harvests of home gardens or heritage orchards. Our harvests are fun outdoor activities for volunteers of most ages, and offer opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and companies.  In only a few hours your volunteering will make a difference in the lives of 500, 1000, or even more people. We generally have between 10 and 20 harvests each month, so there are many options for volunteering to choose from.

To get started, please fill out our Volunteer Registration form, and then sign up harvest opportunities on our Events calendar. If you are interested in becoming a Harvest Organizer, please indicate that in the notes section of your Volunteer Registration Form.

We have regular Community Harvest Teams serving homes in the South Bay and Peninsula, Orchard Harvests, and Neighborhood Harvests.

In addition to our harvests there are many other ways you can help individually, with your organization, or with a circle of friends: making preserves, sharing your gardening expertise, enhancing our web site and technology, and providing expertise and support.

Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for information on specific roles.

Volunteer Newsletter:

To keep abreast of our harvesting for the hungry and preserving projects, sign up for our Volunteer Newsletter.  Subscribe on our Volunteer Registration form (or alternatively the newsletter subscription form, no need to fill out both).  You may also email us your name, city, and e-mail address, but we'd prefer you use the web forms to subscribe.

Browse the latest and recent volunteer newsletters here.

Homeowner Flyer:

Print and pass flyers to pass out to friends and neighbors with fruit trees. 

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) version you can print.  It is double sided and needs to be cut down the middle.