COVID-19 Changes

Effective Monday March 16, all harvests are canceled through April 7 in support of the extraordinary request by Bay Area counties for residents to "shelter in place" at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus / COVID-19. Under the public health order Village Harvest is eligible to continue operating, and depending on food supply at pantries and food banks we may resume limited orchard, but not home, harvests after April 7.

Stay healthy, keep others safe, and let's all find ways to make lemonade in this challenging time.

Craig Diserens
Executive Director

Preserving Local Fruit

Bucket of ApricotsThe Santa Clara Valley is an incredibly fertile place.  Santa Clara Valley is home to Citrus (Oranges, Lemons), Stone (Cherries, Plums, Peaches) Fruit, Pome (Apple, Pear) Fruit and Rare (Feijoas, Loquats) Fruit too.  In most places in the world, if you can grow Citrus, it's difficult to grow Stone and Pome Fruit and vice versa.  In July we actually have stone, pome and citrus all ripening at the same time -- incredible!

There is so much to choose from when preserving what's grown right in our own "backyards".  Education in food preservation includes understanding all that we have available to us, how to preserve it for enjoyment and nutrition after the fresh season,  and often creating recipes that preserves the natural flavors of the fruit.

The Preserving Program is currently "on hold," but you'll find recipes and other links on our Resources page.

Preserving from the Garden Interest Group

This group is no longer active, but here are prior News and Press on Preserving from the Garden events and participants: