Volunteer Opportunities

Village Harvest is an almost purely volunteer organization, and talents and skills of all kinds are needed and welcome.

Please contact us for more information on any of these volunteer opportunities. If you have other talents you'd like to offer or learn, ask us!  


Harvesting Program

Harvest Planners/Organizers (SMC, MV, SV, SJ, PA)

Organize harvests for a specific harvest team; decide which homes to harvest and coordinate arrangements with homeowners, volunteers, leaders, and food agencies.

Harvest Leaders (Weekend SJ, PA)

Teach, guide, and coach volunteers through a morning of harvesting; meet and interact with homeowners.

Van Drivers (SJ, MV)

Volunteers with trucks to carry fruit (SMC)

Equipment Manager

Be the master of our equipment universe! Keep equipment in good condition and know where it is.

Equipment Wrangler

Get equipment corralled and ready for harvests, especially orchard events. (San Jose)


Team Location Codes:
SJ San Jose SV Sunnyvale MV Mountain View PA Palo Alto SMC San Mateo County



Web Design Advisors

Major makeover coming! Use your professional design or development skills to advise Village Harvest on next steps.

IT Advisory Committee

Contribute your technical skills to improve our existing infrastructure, and help architect the next generation.


Marketing and Communications

Graphic Designer

Create signs, posters, and other graphics items with function and personality

Marketing / Community Outreach (SMC)

Get the word out to homeowners, cities, and food agencies for our new San Mateo County team.

Newsletter Editor

Web Site Editor


Special Projects

Mechanical Wizards

Design and/or build the ultimate harvest-mobile. Invent new equipment to make volunteer harvesting easier and more fun.