COVID-19 Changes

Effective Monday March 16, all harvests are canceled through April 7 in support of the extraordinary request by Bay Area counties for residents to "shelter in place" at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus / COVID-19. Under the public health order Village Harvest is eligible to continue operating, and depending on food supply at pantries and food banks we may resume limited orchard, but not home, harvests after April 7.

Stay healthy, keep others safe, and let's all find ways to make lemonade in this challenging time.

Craig Diserens
Executive Director

Apply for Harvesting Assistance

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Update 3/20/2020: Because of the uncertainty of when Village Harvest can resume harvests during the COVID-19 crisis, we are not accepting Home Sign Ups or Harvest Requests at this time. These forms have been temporarily disabled.

Many or most food agencies are NOT accepting homeowner drop offs. Please do not pick your own tree for donation; most citrus fruit will hold well on trees for several months.

Please fill out this page to apply for harvesting assistance if your fruit trees have previously been picked by Village Harvest OR you have previously submitted your contact and tree information. If you have never registered your home or property please complete the Home Sign Up page instead.

Winter 2020 Eligibility

This citrus season there may be 5 to 10 times more tree owners offering fruit than our home harvest teams will be able to assist. Because of this overwhelming interest:

  • We give priority to seniors age 70 and older or households physically unable to pick their trees, homes with a larger amount (more than 150 lbs/6 milk crates of citrus), or where we have several homes offering fruit close together.
  • If you or members of our your household are physically able to harvest your own tree, we encourage and may require that you participate in the harvest alongside our volunteers to the limit of your physical abilities.

While our home harvest teams are limited, our Neighborhood Harvest program will assist neighborhood associations or a group of neighbors in organizing their own fruit drive with support and equipment from Village Harvest. Please contact us if you'd like to organize a harvest of your entire block or neighborhood.

If you have a smaller amount or we cannot assist you this season, most food banks or meal services are grateful to receive fruit directly from tree owners - don't let it go to waste or become a nuisance!  Visit our Community Food Drop Off Locations map and list or Contact Us through this website or by phone.

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