Harvest Request

Important changes for winter-spring 2019 Home Harvests:

Because of overwhelming interest we are changing our scheduling for the peak January-April citrus season. Last year we received requests for harvesting assistance from around 400 home tree owners for 100 available openings, and this led to many disappointed and unhappy tree owners.
While our volunteers can only harvest a fraction of those who are interested, Village Harvest will help you learn easy ways to harvest and to donate your fruit directly to food agencies.
Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts to provide healthy food for people in need from the abundance in our gardens.
Craig Diserens, Executive Director

Home Harvest Changes for January - April 2019

  • Home harvests will be by our Invitation only, and we are temporarily not adding additional homes for consideration in this period except as part of a Neighborhood Harvest (below).
  • Excepting Neighborhoods, Invitations will generally be limited to households where all members are physically unable to harvest their fruit, or homes with a larger amount (>300 pounds at one time in recent harvests).
  • While our home harvest teams are limited, we are expanding our Neighborhood Harvest program where we coordinate fruit drives with a neighborhood association or a group of neighbors. If you have 4 or more neighbors with fruit available at the same time in your block, please contact us to learn about organizing a harvest of your block or neighborhood.
  • The geographic area served by volunteer teams may be reduced.
  • Orchard properties (>10 trees ripe at one time) may continue to register for possible volunteer harvesting assistance. Please use the Contact form to reach us about offering fruit from your orchard.

As in 2018, because of the overwhelming interest most tree owners will need to harvest and donate their own fruit. It's easy to pick and donate citrus, especially a few bags or boxes at a time. The Ladder-less Fruit Harvesting Techniques document shows easy ways to harvest, and the Community Food Drop Off Locations map and list will help you find food agencies to donate to. Most are very grateful to receive fresh fruit directly from homeowners.

Contact Us for additional assistance with DIY harvesting.

For Questions or Suggestions

We will be evolving our program to best match the needs of tree owners and our volunteers. Please  Contact Us with any questions or suggestions.