Apply for Harvesting Assistance

If your trees have previously been harvested by Village Harvest volunteers OR you have already submitted your contact and tree information before, please fill out the form below to request harvesting of your fruit trees. If you have never registered your home or property with us, please fill in our Home Sign Up page instead.

Because of overwhelming interest unfortunately we are not able to assist everyone who offers their fruit. In the 2018 winter and spring citrus season we anticipate being able to serve 1 of every 4 requests but this varies by location, and wait times may be several months. We give priority to:

  • Seniors or households who are physically unable to pick their own tree(s), with a minimum amount of 150 pounds / 6 crates (may vary by community)
  • Homes with a larger amount of fruit to donate (> 300 pounds / 15 milk crates of citrus)

Volunteer harvesting is provided at no charge, but donations cover the cost of providing this service and we are very grateful for your support.

Items marked with * are required.

List the tree or trees you would like harvesting assistance with.
When will each of your trees be ripe? Please be a specific as possible.
Please tell us how much more or less fruit you have this season, as compared to previous times.
Please tell us of any changes to your contact information (phone, email addresses), trees (new, removed, other), or any other information that would help us keep your information accurate in our records.