Update 3/20/2020: Because of the uncertainty of when Village Harvest can resume harvests during the COVID-19 crisis, we are not accepting Home Sign Ups or Harvest Requests at this time. These forms have been temporarily removed.

Most food agencies are not accepting homeowner drop offs at this time. Please do not pick your own tree for donation; most citrus fruit will hold well on trees for several months.

Please complete the form below to apply for harvesting assistance. If your fruit trees have been previously picked by Village Harvest volunteers, please complete our Harvest Request page instead.

Before you sign up:

  • Please check our communities served list to verify you are within our service area. If you're outside our area, reference our list of Harvesting/Gleaning Organizations for other options.
  • Note: we now encourage and may request that tree owners join in the harvest with our volunteers, to the limit of their physical abilities.
  • There is no required charge, but we do ask for tax-deductible donations to cover a portion of the cost of providing this service. We we are grateful for your support.

Items marked with * are required.