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Please fill out the form below to apply for volunteer assistance for harvesting your fruit trees. If your home or property has been harvested by Village Harvest in the past, please fill in our Harvest Request page instead.

  • Please check the list at the right and verify you are within our service area. If you're outside our area we'll be glad to help you find alternatives.
  • Important change in our volunteer harvesting assistance program: we now encourage and may request that tree owners join in the harvest with our volunteers, to the limit of their physical abilities.
  • Because we receive hundreds of requests each season our volunteers are not able to assist everyone who offers their fruit.  This summer we anticipate we will be able to assist about 1 of every 4 tree owner requests.
  • We give priority to seniors age 70 and older or households physically unable to pick their trees, homes with a larger amount (at least 50 lbs of stone fruit, or 100 lbs of citrus or apples), or where we have several homes offering fruit close together.
  • Most types of tree fruit are picked, except figs and loquats are rarely harvested unless there are other trees ripe at the same time. Grapefruit are lower priority except in our San Jose teams because of food agency limitations on the volume they can distribute.
  • There is no required charge, but we do ask for tax-deductible donations cover a portion of the cost of providing this service. We we are grateful for your support to continue.

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Please tell us what types of trees you have, and their varieties if you know. What height are they, and where are they located on your property? (height in feet, or relative to the height of your house).
When will each type of your fruit be ripe and ready to pick?
Please tell us anything additional we should know about harvesting your property - pets, preferred access path, tenants, ...

Eligibility and Conditions *

Our goal is to help tree owners learn to share their own fruit whenever possible, and for our volunteer teams to primarily assist those households whose members are physically unable to harvest their trees.

I and all members of my household are physically unable to harvest my fruit tree(s).
I, or another household member, am willing to participate in the harvest along with Village Harvest volunteers, to the limit of my physical ability.