COVID-19 Changes

Effective Monday March 16, all harvests are canceled through April 7 in support of the extraordinary request by Bay Area counties for residents to "shelter in place" at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus / COVID-19. Under the public health order Village Harvest is eligible to continue operating, and depending on food supply at pantries and food banks we may resume limited orchard, but not home, harvests after April 7.

Stay healthy, keep others safe, and let's all find ways to make lemonade in this challenging time.

Craig Diserens
Executive Director

Village Harvest Preserves

Tree-ripened -- Santa Clara Valley grown -- Hand made...

Village Harvest volunteers make hand made preserves from specially selected, often organically grown, tree-ripened fruit. Proceeds support our efforts to alleviate local hunger with locally grown food.

November 2012 Update:
Oh, no! We're no longer making preserves for sale, and no preserves are currently available. Enjoy this list of favorites.

Preserves - Stonefruit
Blenheim Apricot Jam  (reduced sugar)
This reduced sugar recipe is as close to the tree ripened fresh fruit as you'll get after the season.  Enjoy!
French Plum Jam (low sugar)
French Plums is one of the types of orchards that were prolific in Santa Clara Valley. There are very few orchards remaining in our valley and we’re fortunate to still be able to harvest them. French plums are naturally sweet so very little sugar is needed.
Green Gage Plum Jam (European)
For Green Gage Fans.  Here it is, the Green Gage plum that you've been searching for.  Andy's Orchard has put in a stand of Green Gage trees and we've formulating a jam to preserve the flavor for those who aren't fortunate enough to live in the area.  The color isn't pretty but the Green Gage flavor is intense.
Santa Rosa Plum Jam
Santa Rosa Plums were bred by Luther Burbank especially to be grown in this area of the world. Fragrant and sweet when tree ripened which is unfortunately not how many people experience them from the stores. This is a very traditional plum jam. Great alternative to strawberry or grape.
Wild Plum Jam
Every once in a while we come across fruit that makes a very special preserve. This is one of those times. This wild plum preserve is full of luscious plum and raspberry flavor. It’s not to be missed.
Baby Crawford Peach Jam
A delicious version, fruit from Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill, California.
Baby Crawford Peach Jam (low sugar)
Baby Crawfords are considered the quintessential peach and Andy's Orchard, the source of our peaches is credited with being the ones to save this variety from a hybridizer's toss pile. 
Flavor King Pluot Jam
From Andy's Orchard, Flavor King Pluots are considered one of the best pluots.  Very much like a Santa Rosa Plum but with intense watermelon flavors. 
Premium Pluot Raspberry Jam
An unusual and delicious combination of raspberry and Flavor King Pluot.
Premium Black Tartarian Cherry Jam:
These cherry jams are possible through Andy's Orchard who grows an amazing variety of cherries.  Our cherry jam is handmade from luscious, fresh, whole pitted cherries full of berry flavors and a hint of almond.
Blood Orange Marmalade
Our first marmalade made from sweet oranges -- with a beautiful color twist and the distinctive aromatic quality of Blood Oranges.
Eureka Lemon Marmalade
For lemon lovers! Like having a lemon drop on your bagels. Eureka Lemons are the classic lemon in the market. This marmalade is very lemony and may make you pucker with the fresh taste of lemons. It makes a great filling for cakes.
Kumquat Marmalade
This is an old fashioned marmalade with chunks of kumquats. Kumquats are tiny citrus fruits that taste like a cross between tangerine and orange and pack a punch of flavor. Enjoy it while we’re still crazy enough to take the time to make it.
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
For lemon lovers! Another one of our most popular preserves. This is a milder marmalade than our award winning Eureka Lemon Marmalade.
Premium Quince Marmalade
Rare and delicious.
Seville Orange Marmalade
Seville Orange Marmalade with Scotch

A British-style marmalade made from Seville Oranges, commonly known as Bitter Oranges. Seville Oranges are the traditional orange for making true orange marmalade. This is for those who seek flavor adventures. We also make a version with candied ginger to add to the complexity of this marmalade.

"This is an exceptional product, not to be missed if one gets a chance to try it. The fact that it has produced by innovative and philanthropic people is a double bonus, but it stands tall on it's own."  Paul Anderson, Orange Marmalade Reviewer

Preserves - Other fruits
Black Mission Fig Jam
One of our most popular preserves. We worked hard to come up with a preserve which really shows off the hint of vanilla and natural berry flavors in Black Mission Figs. Very little sugar is needed to compliment the sweetness of figs ripened on the trees.
English Rose Jelly
An unusual and delicious jelly made by steeping rose petals in syrup, with a beautiful pale color.
Premium Pomegranate Jelly
A beautiful, jewel-like jelly, with reduced sugar to preserve the sweet-tart taste of the pomegranates. A holiday favorite.
Pineapple Guava Jam (low sugar)
Pineapple Guavas or Feijoas are considered to be a California native. Often used as commercial landscaping, many people are surprised to learn how tropical tasting these green fruit can be.


Fruit Vinegars
Black Mission Fig Vinegar
A sweet, fruity vinegar that brings out the vanilla & berry flavors of the black mission figs.  Makes an excellent salad dressing with salt, pepper, and a little olive oil.
Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar
Oh... my.... gosh...  in our opinion this is one of the most incredible original  concoctions that VH has developed.  So delicious you'll eat it with a spoon.  What do you do with it?  Taste it and get inspired!
Premium Pomegranate Vinegar
For when you want that beautiful ruby red and  just a touch of fruit flavor on your salads.  Beautiful in the jar and as gifts.