Village Harvest holds 10 to 20 events every month in the San Francisco Bay Area, year round.

  • Click on any calendar entry for details on the event, including the meeting place, map link, and who to contact to volunteer or for information.

  • If you're a new volunteer or have never registered online, please fill out our Volunteer Registration form so we have your contact info and preferences, then Sign Up online for the event you'd like to join.  Please check the Volunteer FAQs.

  • If you're an existing volunteer who'd like to volunteer for an event, please submit our Event Sign Up or send an email to the contact shown for each event.

  • Important: for safety reasons of heavy equipment and falling fruit, minimum volunteer age is 14, but children 7-13 may be welcome at events depending on the type of fruit and trees. See the calendar entries for age limitations.  Our Volunteer FAQs explain our parent and child guidelines and parental consent form.