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Please fill out the form below to request volunteer assistance for harvesting your fruit trees. If your home or property has been harvested by Village Harvest in the past, please fill in our Harvest Request page instead.

Also, please check the list at the right to verify you are within our service area. If you're outside our area we'll be glad to help you find alternatives.

In our spring 2017 season we have as many as 250 tree owners offering fruit and waiting at the same time, and unfortunately we are not able to assist everyone who offers. We anticipate being able to assist about 1 of every 3 homeowners but this varies by community. We give priority to:

  • Seniors or those physically unable to pick their own tree(s),
  • Homes with a larger amount (more than 150 pounds / 6 milk crates worth this season),
  • Where we can pick several homes nearby on the same date.

Grapefruit: In most service areas except San Jose, our food agency partners are no longer able to distribute more than 100 pounds of grapefruit each week because of medication restrictions of their clients and lower demand. Because of this limitation homes with only grapefruit trees may be lower priority and we may limit the amount we harvest to only a part of the available grapefruit.

After signing up, a harvest organizer will contact you if they are arranging a harvest, but you will not be contacted until we plan to harvest in your neighborhood.

Harvesting is provided at no charge. However, we encourage a donation of $25 or more to cover part of the expenses of providing this service.

Privacy: Information entered here is used solely by Village Harvest; we do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute your personal information.

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Please tell us what types of trees you have, and their varieties if you know. For each type, how many trees and what size and height are they? (in feet, or relative to the height of your house).
When will each type of your fruit be ripe and ready to pick?
Please tell us anything additional we should know about harvesting your property - pets, preferred access path, tenants, ...